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Posted By: Eluned
05-Jul-01 - 05:28 AM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
This discussion continues to be fascinating.
The facts that folks have reported on law, the deterioration and preservation of masters ( well, _I_ didn't know that using the masters to make albums added to their decay!), one or two well-considered analysis of Bulmer's personality (I think the description of his compulsive collecting is fascinating, and would explain a lot of his behaviors), the MU, and the actual situation have all been very interesting.
I disagree with GUEST that we are calling jihad, or overly "down on" the man - some folks have strong negative feelings about him, but have for the most part restrained themselves. Many level-headed folks have led the discussion to examining the parts of the issue, so that we know many of the different factors in this situation.
I do agree with GUEST that what constitutes a "National Treasure" is largely a matter of viewpoint; as an academic I instinctively shudder at the thought of such a large loss of recordings, but to some folks this doesn't matter. Hard to understand, but, there it is.
However, I am sure that some of those whose concern is the preservation of history and national identity _would_ care, and those, I believe, are the folks who determine what is a "National Treasure". Is this the case, or am I way off base?
Unfortunately, since they don't know what-all he has, and cannot hear them, and also since he does seem to have ownership, they're not likely to address this issue.