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Posted By: katlaughing
05-Jul-01 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!
Subject: RE: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!
I promulgate? Hafta go look thet one up!**BG** Thank yew kindly, Amos of rapier songwriting pen/mouse whose "Does your pickle glow at night" turns over and over, running in an endless loop in my head!*Really Big Grin* Thanks, very much.

Nathan, you don't know how happy I am to hear you say that; thank you darlin' and I LOVE that you call me "katdarlin'" is endearing, charming, and makes me feel great whenever I see you saying it.

I am kind of like Jenellen said. If you've touched me in some way, I hope I have not missed the opportunity to say thank you. Being raised by my mom and dad, esp. mom, I was trained early on to say thank you, and encouraged to reach out no matter the personage.

As a kid I wrote birthday cards of thanks to President Johnson, two years in a row, and have the embossed thank you's I received from him.

Since coming to the Mudcat, I've sent a note of appreciation to Jean Redpath and Jean Ritchie and received gracious and personal replies which I treasure.

A few years ago, I'd heard my old doctor from when I was a kid and who birthed my 3 babies, was upset at himself for not hearing my heart murmur when I was under his care. Dr. Paul Wuben was tall and gangly, with a prominent Adam's apple, thick glasses, and teeth that protruded. He played first violin, second chair in the local orchestra. It was quite a site to see: elbows akimbo, bow flying across the strings, a kind of Ichabod Crane on strings.

He had enough faith in a 17yr old to give her a book on Natural Childbirth and help her have that experience the first time round. I loved him as a doctor. And, it was because of me that my family wound up with him as our doctor. I hurt my finger when I was about 10, mom called her friend to ask who their doc was as we were new in town. The rest is history.

Anyway, I wrote him a long letter, telling him thanks for all that he did and he shouldn't berate himself, plenty of other's had missed it, too, and it was even difficult, at the time, for regular GP's to catch it, unless they knew what they were looking for. I never received a reply, but it sure felt good to have done it.

Giving thanks is part of my spirituality. If we live in a state of thanksgiving, we are also receiving. We don't do it in order to receive, it's, imo, just the way the Universe works.

I'd also like to say, I've been on the receiving end of some very unexpected thank you's, mainly in response to one of my pieces being published in a newspaper or magazine. One in particular struck a chord with several prominent women in our town, each of whom, independent of one another, sent me kudos and thanks via email. Really made my week! I didn't know any of them, it was totally unexpected, and came at a time when I was pretty down on myself as a writer not producing. So it is important to follow that urge.

I'd love to find Gene Stedman and tell him thanks for night under the stars, throwing firecrackers, when I was 13, and for his wonderful letter to me, telling me what a lovely person I was. We met only that one night and had talked a lot about the possibility of him going to Vietnam in two years time. From that same summer, I'd love to find Arthur Martinez to say thanks for being my very first real love and a complete gentleman.

Thanks, Peter, for this thread and for all of the inspiration you've given me to strive more loftier heights in my own craft. And, thanks to the rest of you lot, you'll be getting more personal ones from me each time something strikes me. I am more blessed than I'd ever hoped to be and it has a lot to do with the Mudcat and all of you.