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Posted By: Tyke
04-Jul-01 - 11:09 PM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Re the deterioration of magnetic tape! Yes due to the fact that the earth has a magnetic field and tapes will deteriorate. Even if you put them in grannies shed! The only sound source that is permanent is Chromatic Black and white film sound track. Video taped television programmes will all so deteriorate the only way to preserve these and sound tracks in general is to transfer them on to Chromatic Film. In the case of video this involves bar code to digitally preserve both sound and vision. This is great as it probably means that I will be able to buy Chromatic Black and White 35mm film for my camera for a few more years.

This is likely to be an, expensive, exercise which will benefit future generations. Just re releasing albums will only cause the further deterioration of the magnetic masters if they are still in existence (they may have already been recycled). Could the old equipment that it has been reported here that Dave Bullmer has in his possession be what is needed. Seems to me that for all his alleged faults Dave may have made a major contribution to the preservation of "Folk" music. It follows that if Dave Bullmer has or had been producing copies of these Albums you could now be accusing his company of destroying a unique heritage.

Oh I looked at the web site as suggested! Interesting! I cannot say I was surprised! I seem to remember a joke about God and the Devil having an argument. God threatens to sue the Devil and take him to court and the Devil just laughs. God asks the Devil why he is laughing! The Devil say's and just were are you going to find a solicitor in Heaven!

Just in case you missed my point in my last posting. If you are offered a record deal then you should read the contract and let your solicitor look at it. I would advise you to join the Musicians Union and seek their advice regarding all contracts. As for the individual dealings that artists have had with Celtic Music. I see little point in openly discussing these issues. Dave Bullmer has by his silence taken legal advise or he has the good sense to keep his mouth shut. He is also behaving in a professional manner by not criticising other people publicly. By joining the Musicians Union you would be clubbing together with other artists to take legal advise/action against anyone who was ripping you off. But it is no use joining the MU (or any other Union) after the event. Should there be a case to answer, and win, then I would have thought that the MU would have already acted against Celtic Music.

Oh and for anyone thinking of going into business here is a piece of free advice. Business and Friendship do not mix. I have a feeling that some of the ill feeling against Dave is due to Artists putting there original trust in Dave because they felt that he was a friend. Celtic Music acts as record dealer and distributor not a record company that is there to promote them. I am of the opinion that to boycott of Celtic Music would hurt the artists as much or more than Dave Bullmer. Especially if said artists are already under contract to Celtic Music it maybe quite some time before there contracts run out and they are free to produce their own albums on their own labels again. George Clarke (Tyke)