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Posted By: DonMeixner
04-Jul-01 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!
Subject: RE: Writing Someone Alive to Say Thanks!

I began doing just this when Louis Lamour died. Lamour was more than a popcorn author of westerns. He was a consumate historian, geologist, and archeologist. He told stories in a believable manner about real places and real seeming people. His stories entertained me when I was ill and I always meant to write him and yell him how much i enjoyed his work but he died before I got the chance. The same was true of Robert Heinlein a few years before

Jack Kirby was a comic book artist and innovator who I admired for years. I sent him a doll that I had made. A representation of one of his characters as a thank you for years of entertainment when I was a kid. His wife called to say thankyou for the gift and that I should call Jack in a few days when he was better. He had the flu and their house was a mess from the LA/Thousand Oaks earthquake 1986. I waited a few days and then a few more and then while sitting in my office I heard on NPR that Jack Kirby, King of Comics had died of conjestive heart failure at his home in Thousand Oaks. But before he died he knew how much I appreciated his work and I have never been sorry I did it. I believe its ok to be a 50 year old fan boy geek. After awhile, a heart felt letter may mean more to someone you admired for years than the purchase of the lates book, record, or video tape.

But don't just send the letter to the Richlers and Kirbys and Heinleins. Send one to your thirdgrade teacher, and your elderly neighbor, and scoutmaster and a friend you had when you were nine. There is a wealth of people who think they are underappreciated and they aren't. Just our inability to humble ourselves keeps others from knowing how important they have been to us.