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Posted By: GeorgeH
04-Jul-01 - 02:22 PM
Thread Name: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga
Subject: RE: The 'Celtic Music/Dave Bulmer' saga

Elsewhere in this thread I indicated - in general terms - the scope of my enquiries which lead me to attest that the summary I offered is factually accurate.

I am not sure in what sense you feel the LT piece (which, as you acknowledge, is a number of years old) contradicts what I wrote. Certainly I don't see any contradiction between what I wrote and the DG piece you included.

Perhaps that's just me being stupid. Nevertheless, if you'd care to indicate what the accuracies are in my original article we'd be able to make some progress. To date I still don't see that you've brought either any new facts, or any new viewpoint, to this consideration. All you have done is questioned the accuracy of my account, without providing any coherent basis for doing so.

As you say, getting at the truth can be hard work. Accusing others of not presenting the truth is, however, trivially easy, as you/GUEST has indicated.

Of course my account is not the whole truth; that's generally unattainable, and probably personal! More particularly, I chose to omit all those aspects of which I was not entirely certain, and others which I felt were not particularly significant. Plus, of course, information which I am simply not free to publish.

And once again, may I ask what your motives are for suggesting my account is untruthful, when you appear to have no evidence to support that assertion?