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Posted By: Whistle Stop
02-Jul-01 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: Elixir Guitar Strings
Subject: RE: BS: Elixir Guitar Strings
I've had mixed experiences with the Elixirs. They do hold their tone, but it starts out slightly "muddier" than the uncoated strings I typically use. At about $15.00 a set, they are significantly more expensive than the mail-order strings I generally buy (phosphor bronze mediums, comparable to D'Addario EJ-17's, cost around $2.00 a set when I buy them in bulk).

I've had two problems with the Elixirs. First is their quality control -- I have gotten more than one set where the coating on one or more strings was applied too heavily, totally killing the tone. Also, I have broken my share of these, partly because I use a lot of altered tunings, but I think they're a little more prone to breakage than my usual strings. Again, at $15 a set, these kind of problems are unacceptable. I don't use them any more, although I'll occasionally pick up a set for recording (reduced finger noise).