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Posted By: wysiwyg
01-Jul-01 - 10:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
Subject: RE: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
our friend ed just got a used computer and caught internet fever but he worked with his hands all his life and never as a writer and every email message he has sent me has looked just like this except he always signs them love ed

i do love ed he got us to play together when we first picked up our instruments a few years ago and just look at the result

and i would never dream of telling him how to write

except if he wrote in all caps

he does write that way when he writes with a pencil so thank god he likes lowercase for computer is what i say

he blesses us all and i don't judge him

he is the happiest person i know excpot maybe for his grandaughter my folkbaby and just seeing his name in my email makes me smile and if he posted here i would smile even more

and if anyone here was mean to him because he does not write like most if us do it would make me cry for a long long time and i might go away it would be too mean i couldn't bear to have brought him to a place where he would be looked down on

its an issue of classism don't you think

if we don't like to read things written this way we don't have to you know