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Posted By: paddymac
01-Jul-01 - 08:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
Subject: RE: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
Aw, gee, shucks & golly willikers. Foolish me. ithoughtthisthreadwasgoingtobeallaboutemulatingjamesjoycebutasitypethislineimwonderingwhatwillhappenwhenthemachinetriestoreadthisallasonewordanddropitalldowntothenextline.

I thought this thread was going to be all about emulating James Joyce, but as I type this sentence I'm wondering what will happen when the machine tries to read this as all one word and drop it all down to the next line. Well, now I know. It screws up the copy/paste process and won't allow me to start a new paragraph without ending the previous one with a punctuation mark of some kind. Normal punctuation seems much easier, not to mention the benefit (well, in most cases) of a more intelligible post.

Having said all that, I do recall that when I first began using e-mails there was a pseudo-convention of not using caps, which I presume was somebody's idea of efficiency. But even there, punctuation was still required.

No doubt styles of writing will (or have) emerge(d) in cyber worlds which may not conform to the "standard" for whatever language is being used, but such evolutionary false-starts which impede rather than enhance communication won't likely get far.