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Posted By: Bill D
01-Jul-01 - 07:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
Subject: RE: BS: lower case posts with no punctuation
I am a slowish, two-finger typist, and it takes ME a long time to get some of my posts spelled reasonably and looking readable. I also embellish my typing with ellipsis...., with *grins*, and with capitals when I wish to make a SERIOUS point...etc.

I do this to make my postings sound as much like 'me' talking as possible in this medium. You may disagree with my thoughts, but at least you'll have some idea what they are!

I do realize that some people have different degrees of education and abilities, and I don't fret about small details, but some people are just lazy and make no real attempt to make their posts clear. (Yuhknowhaddimean?)

It's simply a matter of attitude.

(and I am reminded of The 1st law of hitch-hiking .. "Look like who you want to pick you up")

if u type like this and dont punctiate or spell good, u may not get much attention because some of us just cant force oruselves to read runon sentences with no concern for what u want to say being phrased in any way that is easy to understand without stopping and looking at the words very slowly for along time which we dont always have.....if u see my point.......