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Posted By: toadfrog
01-Jul-01 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: What makes a good bawdy lyric ?
Subject: RE: BS: What makes a good bawdy lyric ?
1. I don't really think what makes the difference is whether crude words are replaced with euphemisms. The spirit of the song is much more important.

2. Nor is it correct that bawdy songs are all funny. I think that the definition of a bad bawdy song is one that assumes sex is funny, without more.

3. The reaction of your audience is going to vary according to more subtle things than euphemisms or 4 letter words. ITEM: "Roll Me Over" has no four-letter words in it. It contains no gross conceits; only healthy, normal sentiments. But no one would ever, ever, ever, sing that song in mixed company, or if they did, would feel constrained to insert cutsey (phoney) words a la Oscar Brand. Why? I think the song is unacceptable because it is just too masculine. On the other hand, I heard a woman sing "Our Lugger Venus," (the only reason for whose existence is its crudeness) and get roundly applauded. Go figure.

My favorite bawdy song is "little ball of yarn." The song is not funny. It has only one vulgar word, which comes at the end. The only euphemism is the one in the title. It is a gentle, affectionate song. And so, for that matter is "foggy dew"- also not funny. Maybe that's another way to look at it.