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Posted By: Bert
21-Jun-01 - 08:04 PM
Thread Name: Midsummer morn, anything happening?
Subject: RE: Midsummer morn, anything happening?
Ahhh! The Rollright stones. The first stone circle that I ever saw. I didn't know anything about stone circles but I was amazed. Now I know a bit more about them I'm still amazed, those people, all those thousands of years ago. The REAL people who built them to track the seasons. Scientists and engineers who were more clever than a lot of their ilk today.

Just take a modern scientist and take away his computer and calculator and say "Here's this pile of stones, go build a device that will predict astronimical events"

I'm still amazed, and I'm lifting a jar to those unknown folks all those years ago.

P.S. Do you realize that if modern civilization collapses, all the digital computers will die and these analog devices will be all that we have left?