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Posted By: Wally Macnow
25-Nov-98 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: Voice of the People - four new volumes April 2012
Subject: Voice of the People
We've received several inquiries about a new Topic label CD series released in England in October which has been compared to the Folkways Anthology. The series consists of 20 CDs and is entitled "The Voice of the People, A Series of Anthologies of Traditional Music Edited by Reg Hall." Each of the recordings sells for $22.95. We expect to have it in stock in about 2 weeks. Pre-orders will receive a 5% discount. Here's the information that I have about it.

"This series makes available nearly 500 recordings of English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh traditional music drawn from the archives of Topic Records and from private collections. Compiled as thematic anthologies, each volume stands on its own, but the series as a whole presents an extensive and varied picture of traditional singing, instrumental music-making and dancing throughout the course of the 20th century. Many of the singers and musicians and their recorded performances presented here are classic, but the inclusion of some of the less-known performers and genres broadens the horizon by offering glimpses at some little-known nooks and crannies of traditional music making..."

Below are the titles of the 20 CDs.

Please contact me if you have an interest. We are selling them as individual CDs. You can order one or more.

Wally Macnow - Camsco Music
800-548-3655 -

TOPC 651 - Come Let Us Buy The Licence - Songs of Courtship and Marriage
TOPC 652 - My Ship Shall Sail The Ocean - songs of tempest & sea battles, sailor lads & fishermen
TOPC 653 - O'er His Grave The Grass It Grew Green - tragic ballads
TOPC 654 - Farewell, My Own Dear Native Land - songs of exile & emigration
TOPC 655 - Come All My Lads That Follow The Plough - the life of rural working men & women
TOPC 656 - Tonight I'll Make You My Bride - ballads of true & false lovers
TOPC 657 - First I'm Going To Sing You A Ditty - rural fun & frolics
TOPC 658 - A Story I'm Just About To Tell - local events & national issues
TOPC 659 - Rig-a-jig-jig - dance music of the south of England
TOPC 660 - Who's That At My Bed Window - songs of love & amourous encounters
TOPC 661 - My Father's The King of the Gypsies - music of English & Welsh - travellers & gypsies
TOPC 662 - We've Received Orders to Sail - Jackie Tar at sea & on shore
TOPC 663 - They Orderer Their Pints of Beer and Bottles of Sherry - the joys & curse of drink
TOPC 664 - Troubles They Are But Few - dance tunes & ditties
TOPC 665 - As Me And My Love Sat Courting - songs of love, courtship & marriage
TOPC 666 - You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers - songs & dance tunes of seasonal events
TOPC 667 - It Fell On A Day, A Bonny Summer Day - ballads
TOPC 668 - To Catch A Fine Buck Was My Delight - songs of hunting & poaching
TOPC 669 - Ranting & Reeling - dance music of the north of England
TOPC 670 - There Is A Man Upon The Farm - working men & women in song