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Posted By: Big Mick
07-May-01 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: Tune A Penny Whistle?
Subject: RE: Help: Tune A Penny Whistle?
For an earlier thread on this subject which had some pretty good tips, CLICK HERE . Lots of good ideas and links.

I have a tunable Chieftain Low D which can be had in the US for about $125.00. Great whistle. I also have Susato's, which have a lovely sound, but I find them to be unreliable in the second octave. Generations, in my humble opinion, are wonderful whistles for your everyday playing. One should be careful and be certain to play the high end whistles before buying. Once you start acquiring whistles, be sure and store them in their own separate socks. If you don't, the little beggars will begin having sex and multiplying faster than rabbits. That is the only explanation I have for all of these damn things I have. My wife isn't buying it though.