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Posted By: GUEST,Sailor Dan
30-Apr-01 - 09:25 PM
Thread Name: American National Anthem
Subject: RE: American National Anthem
Well lets see, I think we may have blasted everything and everyone in the world and have named 36 different songs to replace the Star Spangled Banner, We have gotten a lot of history about numerous things, I havent been to all of the states or all of the countries, I havent met everyone or explored whats behind everyones ideas of what america is, isnt, was, wasnt, should be or shouldnt be.

I am Catholic now, was born a Jew and Bar Mitzvahed. My heritage is Irish, Polish, German, and are filled with Priests, Rabbi's, Cantors and Nuns. My immediate family is combined Caucasian, Oriental and African. They are republican, democratic and liberal, they are Yankees, Southerners Westerners, Easteners. There is a Lady that stands in NY harbor that says "give me your tired your poor, etc.

My vote for a song that should be the American National Anthem, is the one that starts off "This is My Country"

Just remember life isnt fair and isnt served on a silver platter and I wouldnt go around opening the closed closets of all countries.

THIS IS MY COUNTRY ...............