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Posted By: Hillheader
25-Apr-01 - 05:27 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...

If this woman want's to be PC what the hell is she doing at a session where people are singing folk songs.

So me a politically correct folk song and I show you one that does not work.

That said, I know where you are coming from. I get the problem when singing "Green Fields of France" and people assume it is Irish and thus should not be sung in West Central Scotland!! I've even sung "Carrickfergus" and heard people say "It's Irish but I don't know what side (of the sectarian divide!!!) sings it" Ignore them all. Sing for your pleasure and it the audience as a whole don't like it they will not be long in telling you. Do not pander to one or two individuals.

Incidently, I like to song too. She killed the kid - and was killed for it. Was your critic against child murder or the subsequent death penalty? I think we should be told..