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Posted By: ollaimh
21-Apr-01 - 04:42 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...

a couple of my friends --all irish--were kicked out of two folk singing groups out west a few years ago, and i was told not to come around--i wasn't officially expelled.

it was all irish or other gaels being excluded, and 90 per cent of the attakers were english. it all came from songs.

the group in question actually banned the singing of irish revolutionary songs --but i would sing them anyway. i wouldn't usually sing them , i do mostly nova scotia stuff, but when some one bans me well that's a red flag.

i've never been excluded from a group by a black person, a latino , a native american, nor have any other ethnic minority taken away my job or kicked me out of a universtity course. all those thing have happened to mt and the perpertrators were english, either recent immigrants or canadians of wasp background. after a few decades of this you kinda get the message.

i do not make my remarks as some theoritical "we" are more tight knit and a superior exclusive group--that's for the well healed rich intellectuals. i'm taliking about literal discrimination--and it extends into folk. folk is a very artificial thing anyway. read douglass harkness's book fakesong if the topic intrests anyone.

and i'd have gladely traded my "traditional music " background for a decent job any day. but that's live. i'm an iterinant worked and the improvements of the last few decades are probably too late for me--i'm almost fifty now.

my point id if you are imposing any decision of what you will not hear you ought to think about it. all the people i've seen discriminating were real nice people--they just never thought about such issues. their attitude seemed to be we talk funny so we must be ignorant and stupid--and a few have said the same to my face--including the university professor who wouldn't let me take his course.

if you are imposing some restrictions they are likely a bias--i'm bias againsyt nazi's and fascists, but i know why. if you impose a bias against a minority you may not be aware why you are doing it , for a lack of thought.

now i'm the first to conceed that gaels in north america are far from the worst off. natives are murdered in western canada aand parts of the states with impunity, and balcks have obviously had the worst of treatment. i'm just pissed off at the folk discrimination i've experienced and sadly there's nothing you can do about it.

when i was at university i knew several south african white students who all told me the anc was racist. nazi's thought that jews were racist. and on another thread the mississippi confederate battle flag supporters think the naacp are racist. well that's the un thinking right .

delusional thinking is integral to fascist philosopy.