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Posted By: Snookums
31-Oct-98 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: Small Guitars?
Subject: RE: Small Guitars?
Backpacker- plays nice, sounds like a bad banjo. Good price- $249 at Rieman's in Des Moines. Tacoma Papoose- would likely get my vote- kind of pricey, around $400 in Iowa- plays nice, fingering would not throw you off- tuned to A. Baby Taylor- haven't seen in Iowa so haven't played. I understand from the local dealers that it is tuned to A as well. Don't know about cost. Yamaha makes a nice little travel guitar. Don't know that much about it other than it plays nice. Found an acoustic/electric model in Lexington Kentucky for about $450. Right now, Iowa is not the acoustic instrument of the world and it's hard to find second hand instruments- especially things like travel guitars that are just beginning to become popular in these parts. Favorite dealers are Rieman's on Douglas in Des Moines as well as the Fort Dodge store, Mainstreet Music in Ames, Last Chance Guitars in Des Moines (the best place so far for vintage and 2nd hand instruments in this area) and Solar Loan- a pawn shop on E. 5th or 6th street in Des Moines.

Since Iowa City is a college town, there are likely some decent music stores and pawn shops there as well, however, I am closer to the Des Moines area, so I don't know Iowa City very well.