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Posted By: GUEST,Don Meixner
09-Apr-01 - 12:54 PM
Thread Name: Kingston trio--a place in history
Subject: RE: Kingston trio--a place in history
No Mary, never heard that........

I recently saw the Kingston Trio in concert. A first time for me. Only Shane was left of the original group. Dave Gurad having died not too long ago and Nick Reynolds too ill to tour anymore. George Grove played banjo and has for nearly twenty years and a member of the Brother Four rounded out the group. The distinctive sound was still there and with eyes closed you could swear that it was the Trio you first heard in 1959. I saw on stage a group of men who were consumate stage performers. They were able to take what was an oldies show and present it as a new performance. Their knowledge of stage craft was obvious and worth the price of admission alone. I am becoming more aware that Folksinger is a title I put on performers who probably don't view themselves that way. Pappa John Kolstadd told me once he wasn't a blues singer but an entertainer who chose to sing in a blues style. Does the Trio have a place in Folk history? Sure they do because what they did added to the mix. If Jimmy Rogers hadn't been so good himself he would have a place in history if only for the side men he used and gave work to. Louis Armstrong for one. Jimmy Rogers never considered himself a country singer and yet he is called the father of country music. Were they commercial? Anyone remember their Seven Up commercials? I don't care if they were or weren't, their commercial success gave eatting money to many songwriters who might have given up and become welders were it not for their success. Its a shame that Frank Proffit didn't get some income from Tom Dooley but that seems to be the nature of the bisniz at times. Unfair.