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Posted By: Bert
29-Oct-98 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: Smalltime Copyright Rules ?
Subject: RE: Smalltime Copyright Rules ?
A search for property in the subject box will get it for you.

The Intellectual Property thread was supposed to resolve this very problem

As Mudcateers are a generous crowd there seemed to be a need for relaxed copyright rules for 'The Small Guys'

The ones who got upset seemed to be those who wanted everything for free.

Here is a repeat of the first posting....


This is a branch from the "foreman's job" thread.

There have been several discussions on copyright legalities but I think it would be an idea for us Mudcateers to develop our own rules.

Sort of - "We know what the laws are but here is how we want to do it".

Here are my thoughts.

1. I would consider it an honor if you sing one of my songs for any non profit reason. 2. I won't get too upset if you sing one at a bar and get paid a buck or two as long as you are not getting rich at it. 3.Give me credit when introducing the song. 4. If you make a recording (cassette or CD) I won't charge you for the first 500. More than that would be standard royalties.

How about making this, or something like it, the Mudcat code of honor?


------------------------------------------------------ There were a few people in agreement and one suggestion that the 500 be changed to 1000. Personally I would change it to 'the first 500 THAT YOU SELL' I imagine there a quite a few singers out there who have paid for a run of 1000 copies and are left with 700 or so sitting in their closet. But, if you sell more than 500 copies of one of my songs, then you are making more money from it than I am so I don't see why you shouldn't chip in the few pennies for standard royalties for the remainder.

Oh well, we can take a vote on it. Who's for 1000???