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Posted By: Joe Offer
29-Oct-98 - 03:09 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Spider's Web (Girl Scout song)
Subject: RE: Help! a Girl Scout folk song?
Well, I e-mailed my kid sister, who claims to be an expert on Girl Scout songs, and this was her reply:
Dear Joe,
I'll have to think about your recent request. I know that chorus and love it, but have always hated the verses - they're very sinister, black, macabre, something feeling. It's as if the singer wants to talk about having bad dreams, I guess. I've always made a point of not learning the verses, although I remember something about "...a stranger, his name was danger..." and "they took my life one day..." If I looked, I might be able to find them somewhere, but I don't want to, at least not now.
The chorus used to be sung at the beginning (and maybe the end too) of a public radio children's story show, before and when my kids were little. It has a lovely tune, and I've sung it to my family a great number of times.
I guess her older brother will have to bug her a bit more for the lyrics, but I thought her commentary might be of interest. I guess I do remember her singing it. I sang mostly beer commercial jingles at the time...
-Joe Offer-