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Posted By: Willie-O
03-Apr-01 - 11:03 AM
Thread Name: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
Subject: RE: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
Justa Picker, you not only did the right thing morally, you did the smart thing. Those hosers had apparently an extremely hazy concept or no awareness at all of what constitutes, or can be construed as, sexual assault. Especially since he was trying to coerce you, the dude has probably since gotten himself into some richly deserved legal trouble.

Worst band I was ever in? Well, there've been so many.

But I'd have to say the very first one we tried to start. when I was not yet 16 I believe. Consisting of me the neophyte guitarist, a sax player named Rob and a trumpeter named Clyde, and my pothead buddy the drummer.

The only trouble with this ensemble was that my playing at that time was absolutely execrably wretched. I had no sense of time at all, I think. Tried to do things like the intro to "Octopuses Garden" and my pothead buddy the drummer looked at me and said "that didn't sound anything like Octopuses Garden".

Never performed anywhere. I think we practiced twice. The sax and trumpet players are well established jazz musicians now. I still wince a little at the sounds my cheapo electric guitar made. I'm glad my sound has improved, I'd shoot myself otherwise.