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Posted By: Justa Picker
02-Apr-01 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
Subject: The WORST Band You Were Ever In
Taking a cue from the "WORST Audience" thread, how about the worst band or musical group you inadvertently found yourself in? (We all had lapses in judgement right?)

When I was a younger person, I joined a professional rock band that did all top 40 covers. The musicians were pretty good, and the band worked steadily. (I needed steady work at the time.) Rehearsed with the band for 2 weeks, and then went on our first road trip which was to last 3 weeks.

The first week was uneventful with audiences and room managers enjoying the band's music. But once we got to the weekend, the situation changed.

I was informed by two of the band members (leader and a sideman)in a very humorous and back slapping kind of way that to be properly "initiated" into the band and be accepted as "one of the guys" I had to participate in a gang bang situation, with whatever girl the band leader picked up (and of course he would find someone attractive but extremely naive, and would tell her as well that this was her "initiation right" if she wanted to hang out with the band and "be one of the guys" as he put it. (For what it's worth all of the band members were married.)

I had been living with someone at the time for about 3 months that I was absolutely in love with and the thought of infidelity to her, whether in a one on one situation or otherwise (as previously described) was unthinkable and unconscionable to me. I told the band leader, thanks but no thanks. He then told me that I didn't have to actively participate, just hang out and watch. Again I refused. Told him it wasn't what I was into, and the thought of it made me extremely uncomfortable, not only for myself, but for the girl(s). He looked at me like I was insane.

On the Saturday night, at the end of the first week, the band leader and one of the side men, pick up 2 drunken and apparently willing participants...and again I am practically commanded to come to the Leader's hotel room in a half an hour. I steadfastly refuse. I go to my room and double lock the door. At 4:00 am, I am awakened by the sound of pounding on my door telling me I have to come to their band room right away. I tell them to f--k off and leave me alone.

The following morning, I give the Leader my notice and tell him under these circumstances I'm quitting, and he can go to hell as far as 2 weeks notice, and if he tried to take it up with the musicians union, I'd be sure to inform the union boys of all the details which led up to my departure. Drove home, never heard from any of them again, and found a more comfortable gig within a couple of weeks after this fiasco.

Was I a prude? I didn't think so. I just didn't appreciate the coercion nor the lack of respect for my wishes.