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Posted By: Allan C.
01-Apr-01 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: Sometime Lovin'
Subject: Sometime Lovin'
"Sometime Lovin'" appeared on Peter, Paul & Mary's Album. It captured my imagination immediately. The love described in those lines is most certainly the kind I would want to have bestowed upon me. Long ago I printed out the lyrics from the PP&M website with the hope of learning the song. But there was one line of the song that really troubled me. Because of that I set the lyrics aside until a few days ago. Again I tried to make sense of them and again I found problem with the wording. I decided to do something about it. The results may be of interest to you.

Here are copies of some recent correspondence I had with the webmaster of the Peter Paul & Mary website:


I have to wonder if there might be some kind of error in the lyrics for "Sometime Lovin'". While the line that includes "on Witches Lane" may possibly be correct in the way it is displayed, it has always looked strange to me. I would believe it if someone were to tell me that it ought to have been written: "Through the pines on which it's lain". To me, that is more in keeping with the sense of the lyric. Am I completely wrong?


Hi Allan,
Actually, there's a very good chance that there's an error in the lyrics since as I recall, most of the lyrics were done 'by ear' so to speak. I've sent your question off to the guy who wrote the song- we'll see if we can get an *official* answer for you. Thanks for asking the question, it certainly would make more sense you're way.

-Sally Farr


Hi Allan,
You were right, the lyrics were wrong. I got the following answer:

>Apologies for the delay. The Rev Gary Shearston still lives in the
>pre-electronic age and doesn't have e-mail so your request took a
>while to get back and forth.
>I've filled in the missing words-
>When you've wandered through the snowfall,
>Through the pines on which she's lain,
>When you've seen the way she holds them,
>Come and hold me once again.
>BTW - Gary says that some lyrics in the PPM version aren't his -
>apparently they picked up the song off a 45 and couldn't quite figure out
>some of the words in Gary's very Australian voice - so made do with what
>they thought would fit nicely. Gary doesn't complain, mind, but tells the
>story with a smile. Which bits have been PPM'd I haven't yet figured out.
>Something for a trivial spot on our website sometime.

I've run into some of the other songs with "misheard lyrics" but this one was new to me. Thanks for taking the time to ask the question.

-Sally Farr

The corrected lyrics are here: Sometime Lovin'

Here is a link to the Gary Shearston website: click here.

Gary Shearston-Blackwood Music, Inc. BMI

I don't want your sometime lovin',
That falls like summer's rain.
For I've slept through two long winters,
And love's been where my head has lain.

When you've wandered through the snowfall,
Through the pines on which she's lain,
When you've seen the way she holds them,
Come and hold me once again.

And when you've heard a river laughing,
As she bends the rocks and sand.
Seen a wave crossing an ocean,
Come and take me by the hand.

When you've seen a hungry grassland,
Reach out to kiss the rain.
When you've seen how strong her kiss is,
Come and kiss me once again.

And when the earth has turned her season,
And her love has brought the grain.
If you find that love inside you,
Come and live with me again.