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Posted By: Rick Fielding
26-Mar-01 - 11:58 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...
Hi Cait. Sorry I didn't get to this til tonight. I've been singing for a lotta years, and you simply were the victim of rudeness, that's all. It would be nice to think that being part of the folk music "group" means you don't have to deal with it...but sadly, it's everywhere. You seem to think highly of this person who treated you so shabbily, and I'm not certain why. She obviously carries a lot of "clout" in her circle, but "clout" does not equal "class". If she was SO offended, she could have told you AFTERWARD...but she decided to excercise her power where it would hurt the front of others. That is simply inexcusable.

I assure you, the others may not have spoken up, but they noticed, and she did herself no favours. Despite what I've related in my "When you disagree with your "group" (the quotes are important) thread, I would have made it a point to seek her out (not publicly, but in private) and believe me, her "clout" within that group would not have saved her from the same hurt she so easily and deliberately caused you.

Keep singing the song if it means something to you.