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Posted By: ollaimh
26-Mar-01 - 05:46 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...
well here's a topic not at all dear to my heart.

as a well travelled and non-anglo, non-middle class north american i've seen a lot of folk groups that censure or censor and i have a few things to say about it.

it's been my experience that it's almost always middle class anglo's doing this--there that ought to get me in trouble.they have enough money to stay in one place for years and become the local folk big wigs, and often have , in my opinion rechanelled their previous generaltions biases against various groups into political correctness.

i've had people call the backsmith, bogie's bonny belle, and even fhir a bhata (the boat man) rape songs. and i've heard some similar reactions to lily of the west.i'm not exagerating here.

the worst goups was out west in canada. they would routinely drive out people who all accidently happened to be non middle class and usually non anglo, while one of their accepted members was a former ss offocer, but he could do "nice middle class manners".

i could get into most of the local folk festivals, as a performer but couldn't get the time of day from the local wannabe's. now if i sound bitter --i guess i am, but i do think there's a lecon here. most north americans are from the great middle calss and are assimilated to aglo beliefs or are anglos themselves. they come to folk music for very different reason's than people from a traditional music background. they do folk because they lack a personalized culture, whilst the traditional people do it because they have a culture. now the traditional people are almost always in a minority in north america so their values tend to rule.

so if you notice that the local celts or french--common sub groups where i live, don't ever come back to your group there is usually a reason. they have felt slighted and as minorities they do not feel free to fight back as they know they will lose and there will just be a lot of trouble. so look around you. if you see ethnics showing up once or twice only there may be a reason.

me i usually only play for money now as the freebee scene has so may wannabe's(who mostly couldn't get a gig, and particularly couldn't make a living at it) and they are often jealous of traditional muscians.

i have found it much better in parts of the united states where there are a lot of people who recognize traditional music and value it. only in america have i been picked up off the street while busking to play a folk festival that evening. nonthe less look aroud your group may be missing out on some real talent.