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Posted By: cait
26-Mar-01 - 05:23 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...

it's not as bad as all that! i'm sure i've stepped on someone's toes, but would hate to be thought a 'bag'. *g*

i haven't stopped singing, but i have stopped singing that song. there are a million others...

it's been good to hear that others think the way i do about the censure i received there. i suppose many songs might offend any number of people. there's a woman who sings a song about abortion that is a bit similar to the 'weela wallia' except for the slant...which i find to be terribly offensive, for personal reasons.

would i censure her? nope. do i go to the restroom as she sings it? you bet.