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Posted By: Pseudolus
26-Mar-01 - 03:45 PM
Thread Name: When your group disagrees wth you...
Subject: RE: When your group disagrees wth you...
There's two sets of rights at work here, the rights of the singer to sing songs he/she chooses (the side I relate to, frankly) and the rights of the listener who felt offended. I think we all have a responsibility to try to hit a middle ground in situations like these but it seems that the listener simply made the decision not just for herself, but for you AND the group that the song was not appropriate. I don't mind when someone doesn't like what I've done, I don't even mind when they TELL me that they think I shouldn't do a certain song. It's when they force their opinions on what THEY think is appropriate that I get really irate. I haven't heard the song in question but if it offended me, I would have excused myself quietly and left the area for the duration of the song. If questioned, I would even express my opinion but I would never infringe on the right of someone to sing the song. Very much like my remedy for "offensive" threads, if I don't like 'em, I stay away. It's simple....or amybe I'm simple.....haven't quite figured that one out yet!