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Posted By: The Walrus
16-Mar-01 - 11:57 AM
Thread Name: WWI Trench songs
Here are a few "Squaddies' Song" of the Great War for you.

We Are Fred Karno's Army (TUNE: The Church's One Foundation) Just an example of the British Army trait of self mockery (although some would say that's just getting in first)

Aprés La Guerre (TUNE: Sous les Ponts de Paris) A piece in "dog" French

We've Had No Beer (TUNE: Abide With Me) After a long march and no "wet" canteen....

At the Halt on the Left (Form Platoon) (TUNE: Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue)

Yes! And We Can Do It / Breaking Out of Barracks (TUNE: In and Out the Window)

We're 'Ere Because (TUNE: Auld Lang Syne) Authority's motto always seems to be "Hurry Up and Wait"; this was merely "Tommy's" response

Raining/Grousing (TUNE: Holy, Holy, Holy)

When This Lousy War Is Over (TUNE: Take It to the Lord in Prayer)

Old Joe Whip (TUNE: Ballad of Casey Jones)

For a slightly odder one, here is "The Australaise", originally written in 1908 by C. J. Dennis, revised in 1915, dedicated to (and widely distributed among) the A.I.F. (I only have one verse and the chorus. The blanks have been left in.)

THE AUSTRALAISE (TUNE: Onward Christian Soldiers)

Fellers of Australia,
Blokes an' coves an' coots
Shift yer b_____ carcasses,
Move yer b_____ boots.
Gird yer b_____ loins up,
Get a b_____ gun
Shoot the b_____ enemy
And watch the b_____ run.

CHORUS: Get a b_____ move on,
Have some b_____ sense,
Learn the b_____ art of
Self de-b______-fence.

Any use ?