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16-Mar-01 - 03:32 AM
Thread Name: WWI Trench songs
Subject: RE: Trench Songs of WW1
Dear Irish Sergeant.

Are you an IRISH sergeant or an IRISH AMERICAN sergeant?

If you live in the Southeastern part of the U. S. A. you probably haven't heard the really great "Civil War Songs". Usually, the losing side in a Civil (?) War has all the good songs. Such was not the case in the "War Between the States" This, of course, is only my opinion, you may not agree. I think "Marching Through Georgia", Henry Clay Work's masterpiece, (doesn't get much play in the South) is the best of the lot. However, since Joe Offer rightfully pointed out that one should stick to the subject of each thread, I'll start a new one entitled "American Civil War Songs. See you there Sarge.