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10-Mar-01 - 06:05 AM
Thread Name: American National Anthem
Subject: RE: American National Anthem
In one of my previous spasms, I mention "The North American Wooly Mamouth". The line should read, "Hunted the North American Wooly Mamouth TO EXTINCTION". SPAW, either you or I should hire a proofreader, or, at the very least, read our copy over before it is submitted BUSBITER, Don't you dare quit, I'd rather have the opiniion of someone who can think, write and say things while standing on his (or her) feet and right off the top of his (or her) head without carefully examining each word so as to cover his (or her) ass, than the opinion of those people who carefuuly consider what they are saying for political correctness. (pffhew, as I wipe my brow)

CHANTEYRANGER. Being as a Chanteyman has to have the exp[erience and qualification to be in charge of whatever operation they are engaged in and must be completely familiar with the mechanics and operation of the running rigging of what ever vessel he's been hired to work on, (very minimum RATING OF "AB" BETTER OF BOATSWAIN OR MATE) and not just a folksinger who sings chanteys, what are your qualifications. (not to be nasty , just curious and hoping for the best) I am a full time professional Boatswain-Chanteyman, perhaps, the last. I've served as both on several vessels, most notably the Hermaphrodite Brig (erroneously referred to as a "Brigantine") "Black Pearl", the full rigged ship "HMS Rose" (accurate replica of an 18th century 20 gun, 6th rate warship) amd the tops'l schooners "Bill of Rights" and "Aurora. I was not only "Rose's" Boatswain, but my wife and I did the original rigging and I trained the crew, being the only one of her original crew with any extensive experience with "Square Rigging". This included the Captain who did a magnificent job of teaching what we referred (lovingly) to as, "A plumber, a gorilla and a bunch of Hippies", how to follow orders while still thinking for themselves. Capt. Jolyn Bireley , a magnificently able cfommander, Formed 20 Men and 5 Women, most of whom were complete landsmen, into a crew of confident, disciplined ad competent seamen. On a sailing vessel, the words, "man", "manned" and "men" have no sexual distinction connected to them. They simply mean "hand", "handled" and "hands". "Rosie" could never have done her maiden voyage, given the size of her crew, without the use of sea chanteys to coordinate the work. None of this has anything to do with our (USA'S) National Anthem. I'd have started a new subject if I knew how. I'm very new to "computering" and almost illiterate. (how's that for a brand new word that I think I just made up)

To be classified as a "Ship", a sailing vessel must be rigged "Square to the mast" (hence, "square rigging") on three or more masts. In other words it must have, AT THE VERY LEAST, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS". Square rigged sails are fastened to long sticks called, "yards", at each end of which there is a section of lesser diameter called, "yardarms" or "The short end of the stick" When crewmen are needed up in the rigging for setting or furling sails, they "get on the stick" and the last one up gets "the short end of the stick".

I'm delighted that Mrs. Cranky Yankee (MA FAZOO) and I have met all of you

If someone who sings Sea Chanteys for entertainmnent or even to coordinate work where someone else is in charge, refers to themselves as being "Chanteymen", THEN, WHAT DO YOU CALL ME? (never mind your first answer)

Love and kisses

(Mr) Jody Gibson Newport, Rhode Island