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09-Mar-01 - 09:03 PM
Thread Name: American National Anthem
Subject: RE: American National Anthem
can't we all just get along? Hey whoever transcribed my last bit about the star spangled banner, how about putting the paragraphs and numbers the way I wrote them?

following may or may not be politically correct. Frankly Scarlet, I don't give a damn. In the first place, I STRONGLY OBJECT TO THE TERM, "NATIVE AMERICAN" AS BEING EXCLUSIVELY USED TO DESCRIBE THE STONE AGE PEOPLE WHO FIRST INHABITED THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. There are no indigenous Homo Sapiens in the Americas. My grandparents were born in Europe, My parents were both born in Brooklyn, N.Y. I was born in Brooklyn in 1929, and, I AM A NATIVE AMERICAN, AS NATIVE AS ANYONE ELSE. Look it up in your Fu==nkyn wagnals. My wife's family has been in Newport,RI since 1639. And she's a Native American as are my three children. My old friend, Tall Oak of the Naragansett Nation is also a Native American. Now then, we are all making too much of our ethnic heritqage. Tshe sooner we start to call ourselves, "Americans" and forget about all the hyphens, the sooner we'll begin to be the people that I know we can become. England didn't start to really become a world power until they canned the , "I'm a Norman, you're a Saxon" crap and started to think of themselves as being "Englishmen" (and Women) I know that the politically correct thinking of the day is to preserve your ehtnic culture and identity. But, that is devisive and keeps us in seperate groups. I'm against B-lingual edication. It tends to discourage unity. Some of the people who were here before the Italian or Russian immigrants got here had well developed civilizations, The Cherokee had an elected government with a woman at it'sd head, a written language (invented by a guy named, " Sequoia" A well documented history, etc. They may not have had the material things that the europeans had, but they were certainly as civilized. At the same time, the "Great preservers of the environment" (or so they said) hunted the North American Wooly Mammouth to . This is within recorded history. Why? Because they were easy There were many attrocities commited by past peoples. I don't deny this. But here's the bottom line: I WOULDN'T OWN A SLAVE, I WOULDN'T DO ANY OF ATROCIOUS THINGS THAT PAST PEOPLES HAVE BEEN ACCUSED OF. fURTHERMORE, I WOULDN'T TURN A BLIND EYE TO ANYONE ELSES ATTROCIOUS BEHAVIOR. I've demonstrated my stand against intollerance over and over again, ever since I learned to think for myself, at age 15 or so. I had my own civil rights and integration movement going well before it became fashionable. While I was stationed in England in the USAF (I was a T/Sgt Air Traffic Controller at RAF Lakenheath) I formed the first integrated country music group ever to record for a major label, The Muleskinners. We recorded for the Parlophone Co. George Martin was the A&R director of Parlophone at the time. This was in 1958. I was a member of CORE in the 60's and put my own body on the line more than once. At the same time, there have been social changes and advancements that I never thought I'd live to see. I'm fiercely proud of my southern countrymen and what they've accomplished during my lifetime. I'm still at it, working to effect social change. If your curious , E-Mail...RISHOTOKANHQPROV@PRODIGY,NET nOW IF THIS DOESN'T MEET WITH YOUR POLITICAL APPROVAL,