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Posted By: wdyat12
07-Mar-01 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
Subject: RE: Religious (or otherwise) Doorknockers. (BS)
One afternoon while siphoning off several carboys of various wines I was producing for home consumption, I heard a knock on my back door. I was feeling pretty good after tasting wine all afternoon, so I went to the door and invited in two ladies who were carrying armloads of religious material. While standing in my kitchen, the older of the two ladies acted as is she didn't see all the mess of winemaking all over the floor and she began her shpeil. The younger lady who was blind just listened and sniffed around. I listened attentively sipping a glass of cranberry wine. I was wrestling with the question of whether or not I should offer these ladies some of my home brew. The older lady, seizing an opportunity, read me the parable of Jesus turning water into wine and some other quotes about all sorts of wickedness. I thought this situation amusing, me being caught in my hour of wickedness by two church ladies. When a lull in the conversation arose, the younger lady spoke up. "May I taste the wine you are making?" the other lady asked to try some too. I immediately went to the cupboard and retreived two more wineglasses, filled them halfway, and presented my finest wine to them with anticipation. I realized that I had an oportunity here to convert these lost souls to a normal sinful life. The ladies were quite impressed with the cranberry wine and I offered them another glass, which they accepted without hesitation. The conversation took a turn from that moment on. They asked me all sorts of questions about winemaking. When the ladies finally left, they gave me all sorts of religious publications and thanked me for a lovely afternoon. The younger blind lady had to help the other lady out the door.

Moral of the story: We would not have had such a lovely afternoon if I had slammed the door in their faces.