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Posted By: Suffet
04-Mar-01 - 10:49 AM
Thread Name: Weed songs
Subject: Lyr Add: MISTER OWSLEY
Hot damn! We could put together a whole anthology of stoner songs. Too bad Jerry G. is dead. He could have written the introduction.

Now, at the rsik of being accused of going off-topic on a thread that I started, I am posting one LSD song. Any others out there?

--- Steve


Words: Stephen L. Suffet 1998, 2001
Tune: "Darling Cory" (traditional)

In the hills of San Francisco,
It's there Mr. Owsley dwells;
Makes the finest lysergic acid,
What he doesn't take himself he sells.

Wake up, wake up, Mr. Owsley,
What makes you sleep so sound?
The federal agents are a-comin',
Gonna tear your laboratory down.

Well the first time I saw Mr. Owsley,
He was standin' on the Sproul Hall quad,
And the last time that I saw him,
He got busted by the narco squad.

Wake up.... etc.

Come here, come here, Mr. Owsley,
And bring me your little sugar cubes;
I wanna light up my neurons,
Like a million neon tubes.

Wake up.... etc.

When the sun goes down on Sunday,
Give me eight hundred micrograms or nine;
When the sun comes up on Monday,
Don't expect me to still have a mind.

Wake up... etc.

Dig a hole, did a hole in the meadow,
Dig a hole a the cold, cold ground,
Dig a hole, dig a hole in my cerebrum,
Gonna lay my nervous system down.

Wake up... etc.