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Posted By: Helen
30-Apr-21 - 11:30 PM
Thread Name: Worst song you have ever heard?
Subject: Worst song you have ever heard?
Hi all,

I know this will spark up some "interesting" discussions, but I was at a cafe and heard this song.

Personally, I'd be prepared to say it is - this is my opinion only! - the worst song I have ever heard:

Beat Happening - "Other Side"

To explain, my personal preference criteria always revolve around musical elements like melody, harmony if any, musical arrangements, accompaniment, rhythm, the instruments which are used in the piece etc.

I rarely relate initially to lyrics unless I like the music to start with and listen enough to "get" the lyrics.

(Note: I am dyslexic. That may or may not explain why I have trouble hearing lyrics, so don't even think about having a go at me about leaving lyrics out of my personal criteria. Like Popeye, I yam what I yam.) LOL

So that song comes at the top of my awful list. In my opinion, it is boring, repetitive, the singing is flat, and the accompaniment is very mechanical and unmusical. Out of all that, singing below pitch probably ticks my "worst" category the most.

Feel free to disagree with me, but I'd also be interested in what you consider to be the worst song you have every heard and how you made that decision.