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Posted By: GUEST
03-Mar-01 - 06:43 AM
Thread Name: Weed songs
Subject: Lyr Add: ROBIN HEAD
ok, try again. apologies, im new here, but i cant resist sending this (again, since the machine just ate it all once...sigh

Robin Head

Twas in the forest of Sherwood in the year twelve hundred and ten
Lived a pusher by the name of Robin Head, and his band of very merry men
They lived on nuts and berries, occasionally spotted deer
Doing the macrobiotic thing and exuding oodles of cheer

The sound of merry laughter echoed through the forest green
There was friar tuck- with which nothing rhymes- and marion the acid queen
Said little john, lets have some mead, said robin, oh whats the point?
Im tired of doing this venison thing, come on, lets roll a joint

Just then through the forest came the sound of the sherrifs men
They said ello, ello, ello, and whats all this ere, then?
Youll have to come along with us, to the palace of the king.
Said Robin, oh man, dont be so uptight, i was only doing my thing

Robin bifd them a fond farewell, and to Marion gave a kiss
and went with certain substances for further analysis
and the people came from miles around, their hero for to see
for the man who always gave big deals was of grat popularity

So Robin was brought before the throne of Nottinghams horrible king
He said seven years ive been after you, and now youll bloody well swing,
But just before i sentence you, for the evils what youve done
Tell me, what is this weed that grows in the woods, i think i will try some....

Seveeral minutes passed away, and the air grew somewhat thick,
He said hey wow, the colours, man and was promptly orribly sick
So now this tale it has an end as happy as it began
Robin deals for the coutryside, and the sherrif does nottingham

Excuse the spelling, the sun ishining on the monitor too bright to actually see what im doing
Robin should be played as weedy, the sherrif as pinched and mean, then stoned...the guardsmen are stereotypical bobbies
The tune is very simple. but i dont know how to get it to you...
Hope thats raised a smile for a few people!