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Posted By: Bluesman and kde
03-Mar-01 - 02:44 AM
Thread Name: Weed songs
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: WILDWOOD WEED (Jim Stafford)
Here are the words to Wildwood Weed by Jim Stafford. I personally think this is the best one yet, but then I like funny shit! LOL Jim


[C] The wildwood flower grew [Am] wild on the farm and we [G] never knowed what it was [G] called.
Some said it was flower. [Am] Some said it was a weed. [G] I didn't give it much [C] thought.
[C] One day I was out there [C7] talking to my brother, and I [F] reached down for a weed to chew [C] on,
And things got fuzzy, and [Am] things got blurry, and [G] then everything was [C] gone.
I didn't know what [Am] happened, but I knew it beat the [G] hell out of sniffin' [C] burlap.

[C] I came to and my [Am] brother was there and he said, "Boy, [G] what's wrong with your [C] eyes?"
I said, "I don't know. I was [Am] chewing on a weed." He said, [G] "Let me give it a [C] try."
[C] We spent the rest of that day and [C7] most of that night trying to [F] find my brother [C] Bill.
Caught up with him about [Am] six o'clock the next morning, [G] naked sitting on the [C] windmill.
Said he flew up there. [Am] I had to climb up and get him down. [G] He was about half [C] crazy.

[C] The very next day we picked a [Am] bunch of them weeds and [G] put 'em in the [C] sun to dry.
Then we mashed 'em up and [Am] cleaned 'em up, and put 'em in a corncob [C] pipe.
[C] Smoking them wildwood [C7] flowers got to be a habit and [F] we never seen no [C] harm.
We thought it was kind of [Am] handy, take a [G] trip and never leave the [C] farm.
A big old puff of that wildwood weed, [Am] next thing you know, you're wanderin' [G] around behind the little [C] animals.

[C] All good things got to [Am] come to an end. It's the [G] same with our wildwood [C] weeds.
One day this feller from [Am] Washington came by and [G] spied 'em, and turned white as a [C] sheet.
[C] Well, they dug and burned and they [C7] burned and dug and they killed all of [F] our cute little [C] weeds.
Then they drove away. [Am] We just smiled and waved, [G] sittin' there on that sack of [C] seeds.

[G] Y'all come hack now, ya [C] hear!