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Posted By: John Moulden
02-Mar-01 - 02:48 PM
Thread Name: Help: 'Sol Fa' Music Notation
Subject: RE: Help: 'Sol Fa' Music Notation
Note duration within the Glover/Curwen tonic solfa is given, within the context of a bar by a combination of half bar and punctuation marks.

4/4 is given (where is a half (or mid bar mark) by:


3/4 |s:l:t|

2/4 |d:r|

6/8 |m:f:sl:t:d|

Note that the essence is, that a full beat within each bar is always indicated by a colon, or, where there is an even number of beats a mid-bar line.

Full beats can be sub-divided using full stops or commas

eg - using my 4/4 example the first beat now consists of two quavers - the last is four semi-quavers |d.d:rm:f,f,f,f|

The convention for a triplet is upside down commas - I've had to use an apostrophe but the mark should be where a comma should appear here the mid beat of a 3/4 bar is a triplet - |d:r'r'r:m|

I have a copy of Lyric Gems in staff so any problems can be referred though I'm about to be silent for a week.

Oh and the dotted crotchet/quaver figure is given as d:-,r The - is always a not extension dotted quaver/semiquaver is s.,f