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Posted By: robomatic
03-Mar-21 - 07:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
Subject: RE: BS: 2021 vaccination thread

You've been participating in this thread since early days -of the thread' and making comments as to bits you've heard and conclusions you've drawn. You even had a snipped about apparently working where vaccines were being given and somehow you imply without thought for yourself you turned down the opporunity of a jab. After this, you supplemented these messages with the information that you had no intention of getting the jab for your own reasons, which, assuming you've shared everything, which I now doubt, are not really good or well thought out reasons.

You are still contributing to the thread, but for what purpose?

Meanwhile, since this is a brand new pandemic, it turns out that some of the folks who get sick don't really get well. They are being called "long haulers".

You can consider the administration of the vaccines in their millions, as they are now, as a massive uncontrolled experiment. But we are learning and will continue to learn, the fallout of seocndary effects from the vaccine.

While this thread is vastly beyond the minor messaging available through Twitter, the back-and-forth via forum threads is no comparison to the massively complex subject that is vaccine design and administration. These are extremely complex things. If you ask an actual researcher or someone with experience (such as Dr. Fauci), you often get a long, conditional response that may not strike you as confirmatory. That is what real response sounds like. The pithy responses that you hear from those with political axes to grind, or those who only want the easy yes-or-no answer, are just that.

We have had a world-wide disease that is new, but is related to SARS. It has a known kill rate, but much about it is unknown even now, and will remain so until data have been tabulated and reviewed, and more minds have spent time on it. It is known to mutate, but the significance of how much and how bad is unknown as of this date. Like the rest of life, uncertainties exist.

But there is a history of vaccines and how they are developed, what they can and can't do, and this vaccine is taking place in that tradition. I think it is safe to say that most reports are that where the vaccine is administered, the sickness and death counts get significantly better. So these vaccines have been tested to be safe and effective, and that seems to be borne out by numbers from around the world.

The idea of herd immunity is that once a high percentage of the population is vaccinated, incidence and transmission fall. At some point, transmission falls to zero. There are people who never get vaccinated for legitimate medical reasons, but they obtain their safety by the majority of their fellows being vaccinated.

Maybe you do not believe in this stuff. At least you should say so. Your objections or relegation to quibbling on details do not sound like that of someone who is endangered by the vaccine; Rather,they sound like someone who doesn't believe that it applies to themself.