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Posted By: cnd
01-Mar-21 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: V8 Blues
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: V8 Blues
Turns out Babs had just about all the lyrics! Jim Dixon's efforts yielded most of the song but his amalgamated sound samples didn't seem to get the last two stanzas.

Here's how the song was sung on the Three Tobacco Tags' recording session on October 13th, 1936. According to Songs of The Tobacco Tags (Old Homestead Records OCHS-156, 1984) members on this recording were Henry Luther Baucum, Reid Summey, and George Wade, though the exact parts breakdown wasn't given (multiple members were known to play several instruments).

The liner notes unfortunately give little on the origins of the song other than the obvious fact that it was one of their humorous songs.

Below is my transcription of the lyrics.

I got so tired of comin' in late
Went right out, I bought a new V-8

I've got the V-8 blues
I've got the V-8 blues
Shake, rattle, and ramble
I've got the V-8 blues

Started down the road for a little ride
That new V-8 was my joy and pride


Took a little drink and it gimme such a nerve
Shot it up to ninety when I started 'round the curve


[instrumental break]

'Round that curve going lickety-split
Met another feller, boy, how we hit!


Lemme tell ya folks, it was an awful wreck
Rolled about a mile and nearly broke my neck!


Listen here boys, you better get it in your bean
You can't mix liquor and gasoline