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Posted By: Steve Shaw
01-Mar-21 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
Subject: RE: BS: 2021 vaccination thread
"If you were correct, there would be no need to wear masks or social distance."

If who was correct about what?

You can't force anyone to stand still while someone stabs a needle into you. But, I must admit, I haven't got any time for refusers. There may come a time when shops and airlines ask you to prove that you've been done, but I doubt it. In the not-too-distant future, numbers will be very low, all being well, and the perceived need for that will have receded (though international travel may take longer). New variants, plus the refusers, will probably ensure that we'll have to live with the virus but just stay vigilant. All those people who have taken the vaccine will have done their bit. Dunno what twisted nonsense the anti-vaxxers will be coming out with then. They won't be my friends, that's for sure.