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Posted By: Mr Red
27-Feb-21 - 10:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Stonehenge came from Wales
Subject: RE: BS: Stonehenge came from Wales
This term is used for gray rocks at Stonehenge. They could be different rock types and could have come from different places.

Modern hand-held spectroscopy is good enough to get a match close enough to rule out all possible sources except one. The quarry would have to be obvious as a quarry - even 5000 years later. The sarson stones likewise, in fact if you go the the sarson quarry ( a convenient few miles away), you will see stones nearly finished and not transported. Spares in case of accidents one would presume.

The number of animal bones found would indicate feasting, with a very doubtful side order of animal worship &/or sacrifice. And there are theories that the Winter Solstice was the principle focus. Counting days to sowing time and harvest being easier, and spare time from farming more plentiful.

If you really want to nail it, you just dun gotta have been there.