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23-Feb-21 - 05:30 AM
Thread Name: ADD: Six Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Subject: RE: ADD: Six Foot Two, Eyes of Blue
Is someone still looking for this? I wrote a skit in Presbyterian summer camp for a show we did in the late 70s at Camp Redwood in Occidental Ca in 1978. It looks like there are many slight variations of the way I did it... I thought the counselors that taught it to me had written it, but maybe it had been around for a while... But it was a big hit at the summer play that year... I think we won... Anyway, this is an old thread. I didn't know if you were still looking for it.
It went:
Five foot nine. Eyes that shine.
Born & raised in Palestine.
Has anybody seen my lord. (sho-be-do-bop shoe-be-do-bop.)

Raises folks, from the dead.
Does his thing with fish & bread.
Has anybody seen my lord.

Well if you run into, a little jew, wearing a sheet.
Hair that's weird, wears a beard.
Take a look at his hands & feet. (well)

Five foot nine, he's devine,
changes water into wine.
Has anybody seen my lord.(they call him jesus)
Has anybody seen my lord. (he's my massiah)
Has any body seen my
Anybody seen my
Anybody seen my lord. (ba-ba-do-bop. Wah...)

Sung to Anybody seen my gal. of course.