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Posted By: Raedwulf
16-Feb-21 - 10:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Subject: RE: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
You are trolling.

No, Helen is calling you out for what you are. A didact. You like lecturing people, your way is the only way, you always insist you're right, and it's impossible to persuade you otherwise, even when it's obvious to others that your way is... only one way.

Nutrition is very much a black art. Everyone is groping in the dark. The "balanced diet", previously mentioned, is mostly the result of one influential scientist getting the ear of the USDA in the 50's. The balanced diet is medieval in the same sense that the world is flat & the centre of the universe - it's true because we've been told it's true, so we believe it; it sounds plausible. It's garbage.

As with any other diet, there's no evidence that it's... anything. The problem with nutritional science is that you need to study it over a very long period of time and, on top of that, you have to trust your guinea pigs to tell you the truth about what they've been eating. Every day. These studies do not exist. They are only now in progress. If you want to know how diet impacts on... heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, etc, you have to run the things for 50 years & more.

I can go on & on. Instead I recommend to you a book, Why We Get Fat. Gary Taubes is a science writer, not a scientist. Nor do I wholly agree with all that he says. He should, though, provoke thought, if you are capable of thinking; not umbilically attached to "This is right! Nothing else could be!!!"

I am personally a fan of LCHF diets (Low Carb High Fat), though I rarely stick to them very well (although indifferent to rice, I luuuurve spuds, bread & pasta!). But I am also a fan of Fast diets i.e. diets that involve minimal consumption for 1 or 2 days a week. Some folk struggle with these, I find no trouble at all in eating minimally or not at all.

Ultimately, it comes down to the same thing that most things do - "What works for me?". If X doesn't work, try Y; if Y doesn't work, try Z; if Z doesn't work, then try something else in the alphabet (or beyond!). Find something that works for you, and if you do... Don't imagine that it'll work for everyone, or even anyone, else! ;-)