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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
15-Feb-21 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Subject: RE: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
I'm 5'10" with naturally broad shoulders.
In my late 30s I was advised at the gym to aim for being a lean 12 stone of muscle.

[I had to visualise an appearance something like Brad Pitt in Fight Club.
An impossible ideal without Hollywood wealth and personal trainers/cooks,
but something tangible as a guiding light..]

I almost got down to 12 1/2 stone for a short while,
but it meant maintaining will power going to bed feeling hungry.
And painfully feeling the bitter cold in winter.
It was too miserable to keep up,
even though I enjoyed the physical fitness and strength benefits..

More trial and error, and I settled into a compromise
of stabilising my weight at around 14 - 15 stone
as I built more muscle,
but allowed myself a few more cheat foods and end of training week pints of cider..

That became a happier balance of muscle building, aerobic fitness, physical flexibility,
and weekend pub sessions with the mrs..

In practical terms, I could easily get in under the kitchen sink to fix leaks,
and confidently lift heavy storage boxes above my head for stacking.
Which I can't any more...

If I live to get to 65, I might even consider going mostly veggie again,
like I was as a skinny 11 stone 20 year old student/wannabe rock star...

I've already voluntarily packed in alcohol for health and finance reasons,
for getting on 2 years...