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Posted By: Jeri
15-Feb-21 - 09:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Subject: RE: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
"Diet", if that means what you eat, is something everybody has, and can be adjusted for calorie content.
"Diet", if that means what you temporarily eat in order to lose weight, is by nature, abnormal.

From what I've seen, any rapid weight loss regimen is also a rapid-gain-it-back regimen when you stop it.

I think there are plenty of people who've adjusted to a keto diet (or for that matter, Adkins), but when I say "adjusted", I mean a lifestyle change, not a few months of eating unusual foods. That's like a dry-drunk when it comes to diet

The bottom line is, you need to figure out how many calories you need for your body to function. Excess calories turn into fat. Diets that fiddle with body aren't healthy.

Opinion: I think what's probably the best, healthiest diet is one diabedics follow. Personaly, I like chocolate too much.