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Posted By: Helen
14-Feb-21 - 11:22 PM
Thread Name: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Subject: RE: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
What worries me about the keto diet is that you would probably get into the habit of eating high fat amounts and then when you try to go back to a normal healthy eating plan you would have to kick the high fat habit.

The Atkins diet made sense to me and I did try it and I lost weight and kept it off for many years. I read the whole book, not just the intro and the stage 1 information, unlike many critics of the Atkins diet who seem to just read the kickstart/stage 1 part and say - very long and loudly - that it is unhealthy in the long term. Well, stage 1 was never intended as a long-term eating plan. It just leads into stage 2 which is the more gradual weight loss part. And then stage 3 is for maintaining the weight loss after you have reached your goal.

I liked the concepts in the Atkins diet and the type of food recommended were all healthy foods. The higher protein idea is to help prevent hunger, unlike when you go on rabbit food diet i.e. a lettuce leaf and a piece of carrot. :-D