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Posted By: Steve Shaw
14-Feb-21 - 10:37 AM
Thread Name: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
Subject: RE: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
Who's "they," Jeri?

I'm not too happy with a lot of what I hear. Amazon, it seems, doesn't always (or at all? I only heard this on the news this morning) directly hire its own delivery drivers, and the companies who run those drivers can be extremely exploitative, to the point of illegality. I think Amazon should be held to account.

Bonzo, I don't understand stuff like corporation tax and, even as one of those lefties you oft disparage, I won't stand too much in judgement of Amazon on that score. However, their reputation is one of professional tax avoidance, as with several other multinationals, that's all I know. We should be concerned about the unlevel playing field apropos of our high streets, shouldn't we? How many charity shops or boarded-up shop windows have you got in Croydon? Plenty here in Bude. Coronavirus is one thing, but vicious competition from online corporations is a longer-running sore.

I use Amazon a lot and I have Prime. We live in a remote area with few big shops unless we drive for forty or fifty miles. That isn't an excuse, as I'm sure I'd still use Amazon wherever I lived. I can't afford to spend my life paying higher prices just on principle. We support our local shops as much as we can and buy from Amazon stuff we can't get locally. I have to admit that Amazon is super-efficient at what it does. I've had several issues with marketplace sellers and fake goods/non-delivery, and Amazon are extremely responsive.