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Posted By: Steve Shaw
14-Feb-21 - 07:20 AM
Thread Name: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
Subject: RE: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
Amazon consists of hundreds of thousands of low-paid workers in vast, soulless warehouses, sorting, gathering, packing and labelling the stuff we order before loading it on to trucks or vans, to be brought to us by an army of low-paid delivery drivers, all of these workers forced to stick to extremely tight, inhuman schedules. Oh, and a few highly-paid big knobs in offices (including squads of accountants to make sure that Amazon pays as little tax as possible so that the company can compete with the high street on unfair terms). Stuff that the millions of us who use Amazon don't see. We're good at "not seeing things." We don't see what happens to what we flush down the bog and probably don't care. We eat eggs and chickens without worrying too much how the birds were treated in their short lives. We simply see those neat little cleaned-up fillets, sitting several abreast in innocent-looking film-covered plastic trays in Tesco. We aren't that bothered about that packaging either, as long as the bin man takes it every week. When we turn up the heating to get the house cosy, we don't see the pollution churned out by the power stations that enable us to do it.

We have rights, you see...