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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Feb-21 - 07:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Subject: RE: BS: Keto diet - anybody try it? Like it?
Mostly just buy ingredients, the best quality you can afford, organic or at least high-welfare, and mostly cook your food from scratch (and buy some bags of pasta). Eat a lot of veg and mostly avoid ultra-processed foods and mostly don't grab takeaways or ready meals. Mostly. And stop fannying around with fad diets that do nothing for you but which make fortunes for the twats who come up with them.

I said mostly. Which means I love the occasional pizza takeaway or fish supper. Why not. We are lucky westerners, so let's enjoy life. You're only doing it wrong if you notice that you're getting a bit fat, or if you look in the mirror and notice that the whites of your eyes have gone yellow. Do try to notice...