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Posted By: Mrrzy
13-Feb-21 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Subject: RE: BS: Hospital in Brighton has gone bonkers
Mrrzy does start with an m and an r but that is funny you would think that it starts with Mr.! I only had that happen once before, in a meetup thing, with a group I did a lot with. One party, someone turned to me and asked Who is this Mr. Arzy who always signs up and never shows? Mrrzy is just my name, pronounced like the river Mersey, or like myrrh+zee, or like mercy with a z.

And when addressing me, one would use my name, or the pronouns You and Your, all gender-free. When *referring to me* in my presence, the name stays the same but the pronoun becomes They, Them, or Their. I think of it as plural, referring to my mind and body, which differ in gender.

I must admit, though, when people do remember to say They when referring to me, I have a tendency to think Wait, me and who else? I only figured out not being cis about 5-6 years ago... I have some getting used to it to do. So I feel for the folks that have a hard time with They as a singular pronoun.